Ambrose Joins GRM as Competition Director


The two-time Supercar champion will work as part of GRM’s diverse program, which includes race cars in TCR Australia, S5000 and Trans Am.

GRM is also leading the construction and development of the AF01 / V8 chassis that underpins the entire S5000 class.

According to GRM, Ambrose’s role will include driver coaching, car preparation, engineering and team operations.

“Having Marcos in the GRM is not only great for us as a team, but also for the sport and the categories in which we compete,” said team owner Garry Rogers.

“We all know Marcos is one of the most respected racing drivers Australia has ever produced. You don’t win two either [Supercars] championships and racing for Richard Petty in NASCAR without developing a specific perspective on how to race cars.

“It’s not just driving the race car, it’s working with business partners, it’s the mechanical aspect, it’s organizing a team… down to how you pack the transporter.

“We have a brilliant and experienced team, but we never stop learning and Marcos’ input will no doubt help bring out the best in all of us.”

The recent connection between Ambrose and GRM was recently established thanks to Ambrose’s relationship with Owen Kelly, who drives a Mustang prepared by GRM in Trans Am.

However, Ambrose says her relationship with Rogers goes back much further than that.

“My relationship with Garry Rogers goes back to the early days of my racing career,” he said.

“Not many people probably know this, but Garry and his long-time sponsor Valvoline have supported me in Formula Ford.

“Recently I enjoyed getting involved with my good friend Owen Kelly and helping him get back to motorsport in the Trans Am series where GRM prepped Owen’s car between races.

“From there, Garry and I discussed the possibility of helping the team where I could, both in terms of racing and the future growth of the GRM business.

“Garry and Barry [Rogers] run one of the most established racing teams in the country and from what I’ve seen so far they have a very skilled and energetic workforce.

“I’ve always been passionate about winning and I also love the engineering side of motorsport. Working with the GRM team gives me a great opportunity to experience both.”

Ambrose had little involvement in motorsport for several years after his shock retirement from just a handful of races in his return to Supercars in 2015.

After several years of absence, he returned to the paddock this year thanks to Kelly’s Trans Am program and a pair of impressive TV outings with Supercars Media.


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