Amazon adds Customer Insights for Seller Analytics


Amazon adds Customer Insights for Seller Analytics

September 16, 2022

Amazon has added new features to three tools, “Manage Your Experiences” (for optimizing product content), Search Analytics Dashboard and Product Opportunity Explorer – giving sellers insights customer insights and analytics data to launch new products and increase sales.

With Manage Your Experiments, brands can run A/B tests on their headlines, main images, and A+ content to see what works best. With the new features, brands can A/B test bullet points and descriptions, and review machine learning-based recommendations for product images and titles. The Search Analytics dashboard offers anonymized data to help understand customer interests and buying habits, and brands can use it to upload search query and catalog performance data and new details to the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) level.

Product Opportunity Explorer offers data that helps sellers gauge the likelihood of a new product gaining traction with customers in the Amazon store and predict sales potential. A new feature within this, Customer Reviews Insight, helps sellers leverage customer feedback from product review information and product star ratings. Finally, Marketplace Product Guidance has been enhanced to provide selection recommendations (high demand products) for US sellers looking to expand into France, Italy and Spain, providing insight into products not currently offered that fit the market portfolio. ‘seller.

Benjamin Hartman (pictured), vice president of Amazon North America Selling Partner Services, comments, “The tools we’re announcing today are a direct result of seller feedback and target every stage of their Amazon sales funnel, from… from acquiring new customers to increasing lifetime value.We are committed to continuing to develop tools and features that provide actionable insights to sellers.



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