A local woman will participate in the WorldSkills 2022 competition in Switzerland


“My goal has always been to get to a world level and be able to compete in person…When you get everyone together and you can watch them, the energy of those competitors is totally different. It’s more about experience than anything, that’s where I wanted to be, just go somewhere and compete internationally.

And the road was a little windy for her to get here. In 2020, no post-secondary competitions were held due to the pandemic, while in 2021 competitions were virtual.

These complications did not prevent her from achieving great success, however, as she competed in provincial and national competitions and won gold in both, as well as competed for Team Canada in the virtual WorldSkills America competition and won the money and Best of the Nation for Canada.

Despite these accomplishments and the preparation and skills they gave her, it left her eager to win the ultimate prize.

His motivation was also amplified as this represented his last chance, due to age eligibility.

“The 2021 one was exciting when I found out I was placing first but the 2022 one was like, wow… I was in denial, I thought I could have won and there was a good chance just because of my track record, but you don’t really know for sure until they announce your name. I lost him.

With this set to represent her final post-secondary skills competition, Lucyshyn added that she was a bit sad to see it end, however, all she can think about is giving her best at Worlds and finishing on a high. good mark.

And with her post-skills competition career drawing closer every second, she begins to think about her life after and what she could do with it.

While nothing is set in stone yet, she briefly talked about what she thought “might be something cool to do.”

“On the skills side, I hope to get involved in some of the high schools in the province. At the secondary level, there is not really a good food system, so I hope to learn skills involved in the secondary school system. Maybe train kids and get them excited about career opportunities,” she said.

“There are also a lot of different creative things that I would really like to start doing and pursue… I feel like I couldn’t live without being creative, so maybe I would like to get into illustration, I want to do cool graphic design stuff.”

graphic design technology, Special edition of the WorldSkills 2022 competition takes place in Aarau, Switzerland from October 12-15.

The goal of Skills Canada and WorldSkills is to engage young people and promote all the exciting and lucrative careers available to them in the skilled trades and technologies.

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