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Due to the wide range of loan financing, providers are in direct competition with one another. Thanks to the current competitive situation, consumers can look forward to attractive interest rates and interesting conditions. See

In order to be able to market an installment loan as promisingly as possible, the banks are constantly coming up with new improvements. For example, installment loans are now also offered without a processing fee. The installment loan without processing fee creates one thing for the consumer, clarity. The debit interest and effective interest are almost identical for installment loans without a processing fee, which can be very useful for the consumer, especially when comparing.

Find installment loan without processing fee

Find installment loan without processing fee

In order to be able to use an installment loan without a processing fee as cheaply as possible, interested parties should definitely consider some important factors and take them into account in the comparison. Interest is of course of particular importance for the costs of the installment loan. Borrowing rate and effective interest rate are very similar for loans without a processing fee, which creates a huge advantage for the consumer when comparing them. Nevertheless, interest rates can sometimes vary considerably. With installment loans, the terms are primarily dependent on the loan amount, term and credit rating.

It is essential to consider the selection of the correct term. In principle, it is always advisable to resort to a longer term, as this can reduce the credit default risk and the liquidity burden. However, a long term also has a major disadvantage, the loan costs are significantly higher. This can be attributed to the conception of the installment loan, since the repayment is made in installments and the interest costs are determined from the remaining debt.

Highlight the best installment loan without a processing fee by comparing it

Highlight the best installment loan without a processing fee by comparing it

Through a comparison on the Internet, interested parties can find the right offer quickly and free of charge. Credit calculators are particularly recommended for the comparison, since they allow the possibility of an individual comparison. Loan calculators especially for installment loans can be found on numerous financial portals today, as a rule, only a few details about the loan amount, term and income are sufficient to achieve a reliable comparison result.

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Pensioners can also borrow! Payday wages for seniors /pensioners-can-also-borrow-payday-wages-for-seniors/ /pensioners-can-also-borrow-payday-wages-for-seniors/#respond Sat, 28 Dec 2019 00:20:07 +0000

The old man’s life is cheerful … This fragment of the song suggests that life in retirement is filled with joy and devoid of any problems. Unfortunately, the reality is not always so colorful. This is confirmed by statistics: 10% of older people get quick loans. Seniors usually spend extra cash on minor repairs, repair of home appliances, and even on current expenses. And although retirees are increasingly interested in payday loans, not all loan companies are favorable to older clients.

An unbelievable customer for the bank

An unbelievable customer for the bank

Older people who are looking for additional cash cannot usually use the banks’ support in this regard. Low income (although regular) and advanced age of the pensioner make him an incredible customer for the bank. The same applies to pensioners who would like to borrow money. Persons with retirement and disability benefits are a worse category of clients for banks. Even when the senior earns some extra retirement.

Non-bank payday loans

Non-bank payday loans

Since pensioners are not welcome in banks, the only source of additional money is non-bank loan companies. And although many of them offer payday loans for seniors (they accept retirement and disability benefits as a source of income), the possibility of taking out a loan is limited in age. That is why an older person should first check the age criterion in a given company before they become thoroughly acquainted with the offer of a particular lender.

Below is a list of sample companies with an offer for people of retirement ageThe largest age threshold is available in Good Finance and Good Lender. Even 80-year-olds can take advantage of the offer of these companies. In the first company you can borrow from 1500 to 7000 USD. The repayment deadline is 6-30 months. In the case of Good Lender, the loan can amount to USD 1000-10,000, and the liability can be repaid within 6-24 months.

Loans without an age limit


However, there are companies on the market that appreciate mature customers. Therefore, they do not impose an upper age limit, and thus make their products available to a wide range of seniors. In this way, more and more companies are opening up to pensioners. Increasing competition in senior products translates positively into the terms of available loans.

Short-term and installment loans in Wonga

Short-term and <a href=installment loans in Wonga” />

One of the companies that does not apply an upper age limit to their customers is Wonga. The lender offers both payday loans and installment loans to seniors. When using the offer for the first time, you can borrow up to USD 1,500 for 60 days or USD 10,000 for max. 24 months. The lender does not require any additional documents confirming the amount of income.

Quick loans in Monedo Now


Monedo Now, which also does not set an upper age limit, offers loans from USD 1,500 to 10,000. The repayment date depends on the amount of the commitment made and ranges from 6-24 months. The lender also does not require additional documents to take payday pay.

Quick Cash – payday pay for a month

Sure Cash does not limit age, but the repayment period available to new customers. Senior people using payday loans for the first time can borrow between USD 100 and 6000 for 30 days. Only when using the company’s offer once again, the repayment period can be extended to two months. The lender also grants loans only on the basis of an ID card.

Loans for several weeks at Good Finance


A slightly different repayment scheme is proposed by Good Finance. The company also does not specify an upper age limit for customers, which is why seniors can also benefit from its offer. The offer includes a loan from USD 600 to USD 1,400. However, the repayment deadline is calculated in weeks and ranges from 2 to 6 weeks. The above offer applies to loans to new customers. If a senior uses payday loans in Good Finance once again, he can borrow up to 2,200 USD. The lender also allows you to take an installment loan of up to USD 4,000. The repayment period is then 3-12 months.

However, Good Finance requires attachment of the confirmation of receiving the transfer to the account. First of all, transfers from the employer are mentioned, but the company also takes into account the proceeds from retirement or disability pensions. The confirmation must refer to a transfer not older than 30 days.

Advance payment – payday loans for 15 or 30 days

Advance payment - payday loans for 15 or 30 days

Loans with two payment dates are available in Advance payment. For 15 days a senior can borrow from 100 to 1000 USD. In the case of a monthly repayment period, the loan pool increases to USD 2,000. To take a payday payment, only an ID card scan is required.

Monthly loans in Miloan

Miloan, which also does not apply an age limit to its customers, offers differentiated loan options. Their amount depends on which loan the applicant applies for. Payday loans in the amount of USD 300-1500 are available for new customers. The maximum amount increases with each subsequent one. The largest loan in Miloan is USD 4,000 and is available as a fifth loan. Regardless of the amount of the commitment, the customer has a choice of repayment terms from 1 to 30 days. To use the offer, you only need an ID card.

Free loans for seniors

Seniors who want to take advantage of quick loans should also pay attention to the costs of commitments. The more so because it is free loans that distinguish some companies on the market.

You can use a free loan even in Wonga. By borrowing up to USD 10,000 and returning within 30 days, no additional costs are incurred. Another, quite favorable offer is also a loan for USD 1,500 for 60 days, to which only a commission of USD 10 is added.

Sure Cash also offers free loans. By borrowing up to USD 6,000 for 30 days, no commission is incurred.

Miloan also offers a free payday loan for 30 days. However, in this case a much smaller amount is available – USD 1,500.

When considering the possibility of using a free payday pay, a senior should remember a few things. First of all, such promotions are dedicated only to new clients of the company. If an elderly gentleman uses the services of a particular lender, he will not be able to take advantage of these preferential conditions.

In addition, additional costs are not charged only for timely repayment. However, a delay of even one day may result in high additional costs being charged. Therefore, before signing a loan agreement for USD 0, you should think carefully about whether you will be able to settle the liability within the prescribed period.

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We continue to increase our borrowing /we-continue-to-increase-our-borrowing/ /we-continue-to-increase-our-borrowing/#respond Fri, 27 Dec 2019 00:51:00 +0000 It’s hard to say other than that we like to borrow in this country. I follow a number of financial sites and there are usually monthly statistics on our loan and this month it was as usual.

In the past year, Swedes have increased their debt by USD 207 billion. If you check how much it is per person, it will be about USD 21,500. So that’s not a small sum this per person. Mortgages account for the vast majority of this increase as they represent a full 90% of the increase.

The total indebtedness


Of Swedish households in August was USD 3 210 billion, of course home mortgages are also for the most part with a full 80%. If you knock out all these borrowed money on every person in the country, you can see that we on average owe lenders USD 335,000 approximately. Of this, about 268,000 are mortgage loans and 67,000 other loans.

Now we must remember that I have calculated statistics here from Statistics Sweden for the number of inhabitants in the country from 2013 and then we talk about all residents.

If you are unauthorized, you cannot borrow money and thus you should not be indebted. However, I did not quickly find any statistics for how many there are younger than 18 years in the country, but I only found that about 18% were 14 years or younger.

We can therefore reasonably calculate

We can therefore reasonably calculate

At least 20% of the population and then the average debt would suddenly be around USD 420,000 per person instead.

The increase in loans is 7.1% when compared to last year’s figures, which also seems to be at the level it was in July.

Figures like these are actually quite scary as they show how indebted the normal resident is in this country. How many would not have problems if we got into a really big crisis where lots of people got lost with jobs etc?

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Bankruptcy in the UK Britain and the situation of Borrowers in Poland? /bankruptcy-in-the-uk-britain-and-the-situation-of-borrowers-in-poland/ /bankruptcy-in-the-uk-britain-and-the-situation-of-borrowers-in-poland/#respond Fri, 18 Oct 2019 23:27:40 +0000

Bad news likes to travel quickly. People who follow the loan market or borrowers using the offer of the popular company Honest Bank in Poland , may recently have concerns. Does the famous lender have financial problems with us? How can Honest Bank’s poor situation in the UK affect loans in Poland? Get the facts about Honest Bank.

A brief history of Honest Bank


The Honest Bank loan company is from the United Kingdom in 2006 and its head office is in London. The famous Honest Bank website, where it all began, was launched in 2007 with short-term loans. Interestingly, Honest Bank was also the first of its kind on the Good Finance, allowing you to take quick payday loans remotely, without access to a computer, and only using mobile devices. In 2007 it was an innovative solution thanks to which the company quickly achieved its first successes.

Where did the idea for Honest Bank come from? As it usually happens – from the need and courage to set up a new business by the entrepreneur and technology investor Sean Cole and sculptor .

It is true that the first co-founder of Honest Bank – Sean Cole had experience as a banker and financier supporting start-ups, while the second – Good Finance, was mainly an artistic soul (creator of the smallest sculptures in the world), but thanks to his knowledge an algorithm was created that was the basis for the first online loan system world.

In Poland, Honest Bank began operating only in 2013. In the following years, in 2015, the company expanded its current offer of fast online micro-loans in 20 minutes by installment loans, available today.

Honest Bank’s financial problems


At the end of August 2018, information about financial problems and possible bankruptcy of Honest Bank circulated the world. Apparently, the lender has rented a special company Grant Thornton, which is tasked with running Honest Bank through the bankruptcy process in the event of its insolvency. Despite topping up the company’s account at the beginning of August with £ 10m in support of the British lender’s liquidity, Honest Bank’s situation in the UK is still not good.

The problems of British Honest Bank began several years ago, when customers taking loans before 2014 began the process of filing mass claims for compensation for too high costs of servicing their debts. These claims accumulated and increased in 2018, resulting in the current financial crisis of Honest Bank in the UK.

Honest Bank crisis in Poland?


The situation in Poland is stable – as spokeswoman Jessica Brown assures. And he adds that – We ended last year with a profit of USD 6 million. We are developing our offer of installment loans. This year, we started to offer loans in the amount of 20 thousand. USD for 60 months, with APRC from 6.76 percent. We plan to continue increasing loan amounts. We consistently implement our strategy, which assumes offering higher and higher amounts at prices comparable to banking. Honest Bank operates normally in Poland, without any changes. We grant loans and service them. Nothing changes for customers .

In Poland, Honest Bank operates as a separate limited company with its registered office in Warsaw, with share capital of USD 10,000,000. In addition, a spokeswoman for Honest Bank Polska adds, the company did not issue any bonds and does not have any bondholders who could lose Honest Bank’s weak position in the UK.

Currently, Honest Bank continues to provide short-term loans in the amount of USD 50 to 1,500 up to 60 days and installment loans up to USD 20,000 with a repayment period of up to 60 months.

Customer reviews about the company

Customer reviews about the company

The most trusted source of information on the current financial situation of Honest Bank in Poland are the opinions of its clients. Numerous internet forums and websites dealing mainly with the subject of non-bank loans is a good place to make sure that a given company, e.g. Honest Bank, is a trustworthy and honest lender.

Honest Bank in the payday loans ranking is usually in the top twenty loan companies. What makes it stand out with short-term loan offers is a convenient 60-day debt repayment period. The loan in Honest Bank will be granted to anyone who has an ID card, place of residence in Poland, bank account, telephone number and age from 18 (without an upper age limit).

On the other hand, Honest Bank among installment loans is primarily one of the lowest costs and the possibility of receiving cash in the amount of USD 20,000 on clear and fair terms, in accordance with the anti-usury act in force in Poland.

And what do customers who have used the services of Honest Bank say? The popularity of this loan company in Poland is not accidental. This is evident in the opinions of borrowers who list the main benefits: efficient and quick service, lack of many formalities and initial commission fees, clear conditions. In addition, Honest Bank offers successively higher loan amounts for regular customers who pay their liabilities on time. In a word – trouble-free transaction – I borrow and pay back on time, without hidden costs or additional fees.

The disadvantages according to borrowers include mainly a detailed verification of the customer’s creditworthiness, which if it appears in one of the GFI economic information databases, it is not possible to obtain a loan.

To sum up, the financial situation of loan companies in Poland is often independent of what is happening in European or global markets. However, it is always worth following the messages and being vigilant in the event of any financial transactions, be it with the participation of banks or non-bank loan companies.

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Poles prefer cash transactions /poles-prefer-cash-transactions/ /poles-prefer-cash-transactions/#respond Sun, 15 Sep 2019 21:23:41 +0000

Although nowadays financial institutions offer more and more modern solutions thanks to which we can pay in a fast and comfortable way, cash is still very popular among Poles. Our country is one of the European leaders in terms of payments with physical money. What is the reason? Read!

PLN 215 billion in the form of banknotes and coins circulates in the circulation of the Polish economy!


We can use an increasing number of modern financial solutions

We can use an increasing number of modern financial solutions

Many Poles still make payments in cash. According to the data collected by Dennis Grata, an amount of PLN 215 billion is circulating in the circulation of the Polish economy, which consists of banknotes and coins only. Such a huge amount gives as much as 10 percent. GDP!

Currently, Poles are among the European leaders in terms of cash payments, only Greeks and Hungarians are ahead of us. Interestingly, until recently before our country were Italy, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Everything indicates that soon we can become a society that will be most willing to use physical money throughout Europe.


Why do Poles prefer to pay in cash?

Why do Poles <a href=prefer to pay in cash?” />

What is the reason for the growing popularity of cash in our country? Why are so many of us reluctant to pay by card or using modern financial solutions, i.e. mobile applications? The answer to these questions is not clear, because this phenomenon is due to several factors.

The most important reason why Poles willingly pay with banknotes and coins is that banks impose too high interest rates and potential clients do not want to lose their money on servicing an account or payment card. Other factors that affect the popularity of cash are: the growing earnings of Poles, greater stability on the labor market and social transfers.

An important factor that causes more interest in payments with physical banknotes and coins is also the fact that most Poles began to save and accumulate more and more money. This is confirmed by the data collected by the Central Statistical Office and the Rose Bank.

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Credit Holidays /credit-holidays/ /credit-holidays/#respond Wed, 28 Aug 2019 20:25:39 +0000

Credit holidays are a period of credit commitments, during which the borrower pays only the loan interest or only the principal amount of the loan without interest to the creditor, however, the first type of loan holiday is more advantageous for both the borrower and the lender, therefore it is more popular and widely used. Credit lenders are both bank and non-bank lenders, but it must be admitted that in both sectors credit holidays are also used as a marketing trick, which borrower would not be interested in paying principal or interest for some time in their credit commitments, but not all that easy – credit holidays are granted only in certain cases, which will also be discussed below.


Credit holiday function

Credit holiday function

Of course, credit holidays are not used as a marketing trick primarily – the primary credit holiday function is to reduce the borrower’s credit burden in situations where, for example, it has been out of work, there has been an increase in the family, sudden and significant income losses or other financial difficulties or problems with repayment of the loan. If the borrower has any financial problems and creditworthiness, he / she must definitely contact his or her creditor for advice and be informed of the problem situation to find the most appropriate solution. It should always be remembered that obtaining a credit holiday is in the interest of the borrower, so do not wait for the credit provider to offer you a credit vacation, but act on your own.


Apply for credit vacation

Apply for credit vacation

However, before applying for help and asking for a credit vacation, you need to know some of the prerequisites for granting credit holidays. The loan amount must be at least 1400 EUR to get a credit vacation . If your loan amount is greater than mentioned, and you are in an insolvency situation, you can contact your creditor and ask for a credit vacation. If you have lost your solvency as a result of losing your job, you must obtain the status of an unemployed person by registering at a branch of the State Employment Agency. Credit holidays are granted for a specific term and depend on the individual situation of the borrower.

Indeed, in the case of a serious situation where, for example, there is no job and no prospect of obtaining it in the near future, not only interest payments but also principal payments are canceled for up to 6 months. It should be noted that credit holidays can only be obtained once per calendar year. It should be emphasized that, after the credit holidays, the monthly payment of the loan increases slightly (by 0.5% to 2%) , making the total cost of the credit more expensive, so the credit holidays should be used in case of a serious need rather than for abuse, which can then be costly.


Credit holidays are an expensive and risky service

Credit holidays are an expensive and risky service

So the interest rate on these factors is slightly increased to compensate them. If, for one reason or another, you are not granted a credit vacation, it is the responsibility of the creditor to offer you another solution to ease your financial situation, such as applying a different repayment schedule or terms.

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Financially deciphering men /financially-deciphering-men/ /financially-deciphering-men/#respond Wed, 14 Aug 2019 22:08:45 +0000

Men are impatient by nature; They hate ranks, crowds and go searching for the item they need. This would lead us to think that they are rushed and avoid making comparisons between the products they are going to buy.

However, and to our surprise, they are more rational and prefer to wait until they find that object or service that, in their opinion, meets the expectations they are looking for. For this genre, it is common for purchase decisions to be based on the reason, the comparison and the price they are willing to pay.

How are your finances?

money coins

Despite comparing prices and being not very emotional when making their purchases, men often have “small expenses” that if they are not controlled can become a big problem for their financial budget. These “small expenses” are not usually important but considered urgent and justified; The seriousness of the matter lies in the lack of control of these expenditures, since generally the money allocated to these purposes can vary considerably, which makes it impossible to include them in the budget. Within the “small expenses” we can find: meals outside the home, transportation and alcoholic beverages.

What do they buy?

Most men spend their money buying:
1. Sports elements (clothing, guayos, balls)
2. Technological devices (tablets, mobile devices, video games)
3. Clothing (Shirts, pants, shoes)
4. Gifts (Flowers, chocolates, invitations)
5. Alcoholic beverages

How can you optimize your money?

money cash

Men are very good at making a general balance of their finances, but they need to be a little more aware of the expenses that seem not to be significant because that is where their deficit is month to month. A good alternative to control these expenses is:

Make a list of expenses that seem not to be as important, such as weekend trips, invitations or gifts. To allocate a monthly item to these activities and include them in the budget of the month. Men are technology lovers, so downloading these free apps can be a great help:

Pocket Expense Lite

It is a complete finance software that helps track what happens with your personal finances. Pocket expense classifies transactions, invoices and adjusts budgets so that you can reach your savings goals.

Cashflow. It is a simple asset management tool that will allow you to manage your daily income and expenses. With this application you can register operations in an easier and simpler way.


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Which is better: home loans, bank offers, or home savings? /which-is-better-home-loans-bank-offers-or-home-savings/ /which-is-better-home-loans-bank-offers-or-home-savings/#respond Sat, 13 Jul 2019 21:34:07 +0000

The fact is, they have 3 2 year home savings contracts and would like to borrow 12 million because the new home they look for costs $ 31 million.

The question is whether to take out a traditional home loan or use a home savings that has not expired but has been saved for 2 years?

Here’s the answer


The question is multifaceted, with significant details missing, but let’s examine what to expect when choosing to use home savings before maturity, or what to do when analyzing a home loan ?.

1. If you count on LTP, $ 12 million gives you more options.

  • eg. Three 6-year LTP contracts are also associated with a 6-year home loan maturity, and since the home savings are paid for 2 years, the total term is 10 years repayment.

2. Another option for LTP

  • the so-called bridging loan is HUF 12 million. This is HUF 12 million with contractual home savings and a saving of HUF 48 thousand per month. If the loan applicant can still pay the monthly 3D LTP, which is a saving of HUF 48,000 per month, then the income will allow him to take out a loan of 12 million

What can a “traditional” loan provide?


Under the following conditions:

  • a total of HUF 31 million is needed
  • A loan of HUF 12 million is required
  • We expect a 10-year maturity
  • We look at 5 and 10 year interest rates
  • monthly family income 400.000 HUF
  • use of own bank or income directed to the creditor bank and opening an account

3. With this in mind, the expert recommends a consumer-friendly loan that is a 5-year fixed-rate loan with 4% interest rate, a 10-year term and an initial monthly repayment of $ 120,000.

4. If we follow a fixed consumer-friendly scheme for 10 years instead of 5 years, we will charge 5% interest and a monthly installment of $ 129,000. If we had more information, we could detail the options for an instant loan with LTP.

Back to the bridging loan, what do we need to know?


  • The monthly income is often high, at least HUF 400,000
  • In terms of interest rates, they can be more favorable than home loans, according to the expert, even the best home loans, consumer-friendly loans, outperform!
  • Significant interest on an immediate loan is payable only at the end of the initial period, at the end of the period, at the time the loan is obtained, less interest, currently 4 years higher, 6 years lower, associated with the home loan
  • The interest is discounted, but all additional costs must be paid, such as disbursement, notary public, appraiser fees. These costs can be up to 1% of the debt.
  • It is important to compare the 2 options, instant loans and best home loans before deciding.
  • Also keep in mind that if they can pay LTP for at least another 2 years, it is worth borrowing a bank loan, as in this case they enter into a state-subsidized discount so they can pay off their loan by shortening the repayment period.

According to expert opinion, it is best if you can pay LTP for up to 2 years with the consumer-friendly loan you have taken and then put it back into the loan! Banks are offering much better rates than bridging loans, while LTP repayments reduce the repayment and they can also make a prepayment free of charge if they require a consumer-friendly loan in advance.


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The annuity loan /the-annuity-loan/ /the-annuity-loan/#respond Wed, 03 Jul 2019 20:05:24 +0000

The annuity loan is a loan that is most frequently requested in Germany. The name derives from the fact that the rates are called annuities. For this particular loan, the installment payable consists of an interest and a repayment installment. Especially the annuity loan, because here the monthly payable rate always has the same amount. The interest rate on the annuity loan is fixed for the life of the loan. Another special feature is that the so-called initial repayment steadily increases despite the constant monthly rates. The increasing repayment results in this case, because the remaining debt continues to fall, the further the maturity has progressed. The lower residual debt then bears interest at a constant percentage, so that the portion of the repayment increases successively.


Advantages of annuity loan for the borrower

Advantages of <a href=annuity loan for the borrower” />

Through this special calculation of the interest, the borrower can enjoy various advantages. Above all, he can make better planning by the constant monthly load. In addition, he can not lose track of his payment obligations. He can plan his monthly repayment burden on an annuity loan over a long period of time because it is always the same. The borrower always has a size to consider in an annuity loan and can adjust other loans according to their financial capabilities.


Always compare offers for an annuity loan

Always compare offers for an annuity loan

As mentioned, the annuity loan is a very popular and widely used form of financing. This brings with it the fact that the financial market also holds many different offers. Consumers should always compare the terms of various annuity loans to find an acceptable offer. Consumers should, for example, know that in addition to the annuity loan, there is also the so-called repayment installment loan, which also provides consistent installments. In-depth advice from a specialist should not be missing in any case. Especially if one binds itself by the annuity loan eg as real estate financing over many years to payment obligations.

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